100th Latitude out the door, Hemisphere for sale


During this week’s National Business Aviation Association Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAABACE), Textron Aviation confirmed that the delivery of its 100th Citation Latitude midsize business jet was in progress.

This occurs a little longer than two years after the aircraft entered into service. The receiving customer is NetJets, who will take delivery of the Latitude at Textron Aviation’s headquarters in Wichita, KS. The Latitude is part of an order placed by NetJets in June, 2012, which included 25 Latitudes, and options on another 125, with deliveries starting in 2016. When the fractional ownership company took delivery of its first Latitude in June 216, it extended its total order to up to 200 aircraft.

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Textron Aviation Sales and Marketing Senior VP Rob Scholl referred to the Latitude as an investment “in a new product with features our customers told us they wanted: large-cabin amenities and best-in-class operating costs.”

“Delivering 100 Latitudes in just over two years is a testament that we’ve got the ideal combination,” Scholl continued. “The Latitude is one of the most outstanding midsize cabin jets in the industry. It meets our Owners’ and our own high standards for performance and safety,” confirms NetJets Aircraft Asset Management Executive VP Doug Henneberry.

Of the total of 100th Latitudes delivered, 42 occurred in 2016. The midsize jet has been certified to operate across 39 countries.

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In related news, the aviation conglomerate also opened the order book for the latest and largest addition to its family of Citation business jets, the Citation Hemisphere. The Hemisphere will mark the company’s entrance into the large-cabin market. Textron Aviation has brought a mock-up of the aircraft to the convention floor in Las Vegas this week, showcasing the 102 inch wide fuselage with its three-zone cabin. The aircraft will have a range of 4,500 nm at a speed of Mach 0.90, due to its Safran Silvercrest engines. The cockpit will be outfitted with Honeywell’s Primus Epic avionics suite. At present, the first flight is expected to occur in 2019.