ADS-B sales on the rise at Constant Aviation



MRO services provider Constant Aviation is experiencing a surge in Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) sales. The company has more than doubled its ADS-B projects since this time last year, undoubtedly due to the looming January 1st, 2020 deadline, mandating that aircraft replace radar and navigational tracking aids in favor of a more precise technology utilizing satellite signals, in turn increasing safety and efficiency of airspace.

According to Constant Aviation Avionics Business and Development Programs Director Jerry Sanders, 26% of the uptick in its ADS-B upgrade sales are new customers.

“We have worked to strategically expand our capabilities, having access to STC’s for more than 45 aircraft, and have conveniently expanded our nationwide presence to add two new locations in Arizona and Florida,” he explains.

A company statement indicates that most of the ADS-B events were completed in conjunction with maintenance events, interior refurbishments, and avionics installations.


The deadline for completing the mandate is less than 28 months away, and MRO availability for this maintenance event is projected to become increasingly tight.