On Air Dining’s Farnborough expansion



Leading British business aviation caterer On Air Dining has taken a major step forward by opening a new flight kitchen at Farnborough (FAB). This gives it a south London base to complement its existing kitchen at London Stansted (STN).

On Air has acquired the Farnborough operation of Emily’s Inflight Food Services. “We are joining up with a fantastic team at Farnborough and it will allow us to bring together the expertise of both organizations and offer outstanding food service to the growing number of business aircraft visiting London,” says On Air Managing Director Daniel Hulme.

On Air Dining has established an enviable reputation for its insistence on seamless service from the kitchen right through to the moment the passenger sees the meal in front of them. “Many caterers think their job is done when the boxes of food are handed over at the cabin door,” says Hulme. “However, we are able to take this to the next stage and give cabin crews the training and a foolproof system to ensure our dishes are up to the standard you would experience in any exclusive restaurant.”

So successful is the On Air system that major airlines pester Hulme for their secrets, “but we’re not giving those away!” he says.

Free culinary courses

At their Stansted base, On Air Dining runs free culinary courses for cabin crews and business aviation management. “We are delighted to do this because I need their feedback as much as they need mine,” explains Hulme. While there, visitors can also visit the On Air Dining’s interiors showroom where a large range of china, glass and flatware is on display, giving crew new ideas for a new luxury touch to the aircraft galley.

The highest standard of catering

On Air Dining’s expertise in food handling and maintaining the flavor of their products also extends to the wines served on board. “You would be amazed how the frequent pressure changes on an aircraft can ruin a fine bottle of wine,” says Hulme. “A good tip is only to take the wine you know you will use on that trip.”

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On Air Dining has the only Halal flight kitchen in the London area and is also able to supply meals sourced from the most exclusive London restaurants. Hulme told FlyCorporate that the company’s clients are increasingly raising their sights and are happy to spend more to get the very highest standard of catering.

Undoubtedly, operators flying in and out of Farnborough will gain enormous benefit from this new service.