Avanti EVO now available in MedEvac


OEMs & BROKERAGE / EUROPE | 10/03/2017

Piaggio Aerospace is making its Avanti EVO aircraft availabe in MedEvac and other special missions configuration with an enlarged cabin door as an option.

According to a company statement, the 5″ enlarged cabin door, in combination with its already low ground clearance, will allow an easier and more direct stretcher-loading in the aircraft, thus enhancing the overall aircraft capability in ambulance operations.

“The Avanti EVO characteristics – overall performance, pressurization and roomy cabin, and now an enlarged door – make it the perfect platform for fulfilling medical operators‘ needs,” comments Piaggio Aerospace CEO Renato Vaghi.

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The Avanti EVO is the third generation of the legendary Avanti P.180. Currently, there are more than 220 P.180 Avanti aircraft in operation globally: 6 Avanti EVO, 126 of the second-generation Avanti II, and 89 of the original Avanti. Of these, around 25 aircraft are in MedEvac configuration or equipped with the quick-change stretcher kit.