Duncan dunks Gulfstream training


FBOs / NORTH AMERICA | 23/06/2017

Duncan Aviation line service team members from Battle Creek and Kalamazoo, MI; and Lincoln, NE; recently completed specialized training from Savannah, GA-headquartered Gulfstream Aerospace and aviation training provider FlightSafety International.

According to a company statement, the training they received included Gulfstream aircraft parking, fueling, towing and mooring, water servicing, lavatory servicing, window cleaning, and snow and ice removal for the Gulfstream G150, G200, G280, G450, G550, and G650 models.

“The FBO Services Department is always looking for ways to lead the industry in customer service,” says Duncan Aviation Michigan Locations FBO Services Manager Ben Hammond. ” We had the opportunity to take advantage of the Gulfstream Ground Handling & Servicing Training. This training has given us a more in-depth knowledge and understanding that will translate into an even better experience for our customers.”

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“The ground service training to support the large and mid-cabin Gulfstream fleet […] was a valuable tool to increase our expertise on these models,” adds Duncan Aviation Lincoln FBO Services Manager Troy Hyberger. “The formal training also provides peace of mind to our Gulfstream customers because it is the most comprehensive training available for fuel service involving their aircraft.”

According to statistics from Gulfstream, Duncan Aviation is one of only eight worldwide FBOs to receive this mid-cabin qualification and one of only 53 to receive the large cabin qualification.