EBAA holds E-SORS workshop in Milan



On September 23, EBAA held its first E-SORS Workshop in Milan Malpensa (MXP), Italy. Business aviation operators were given the opportunity to get a hands-on introduction to features and functionality of EBAA’s new safety occurrence reporting system, or E-SORS, dedicated to enhancing safety across the business aviation safety community.

“A full, transparent, eagle’s eye view of occurrences is what we need, and this is exactly what E-SORS is all about,” commented VistaJet Deputy Safety Manager Federico Patti.

“Using and feeding this database could be very useful for enhancing safety culture and building trust among business aviation players, something that can only be done in a harmonized way, if we want to work together towards spotting potential risks to safety and to our business,” added Rabbit-Air Safety Manager Matthias Haefliger .

The first in a series of similar events planned for this year and next, the E-SORS workshop gave members of the business aviation community firsthand experience in using this powerful new system. During the event, members of the EBAA as well as other interested stakeholders learned how E-SORS provides convenient access to the latest information on both international and European regulations in force on occurrence reporting as well as how to use ECCAIRS’ functionalities, E-SORS’ core system for occurrence reporting.

Attendees were impressed by the value of the reporting tool. Participants agreed that information exchange under a single umbrella representing business aviation safety occurrences across Europe is key to resolving a fragmented reporting process and that it is important to use the same reporting vocabulary, in conjunction with ICAO ADREP taxonomy and the regulations in force.

“The more the business aviation community uses this database and feeds it with information, the more useful and accurate it will be in supporting the work of safety managers and helping to reinforce a safety culture across Europe,” says EBAA Safety, Rulemaking and Operations Manager Razvan Prunean.

The next E-SORS workshop is scheduled for end-November in Vienna during the EBAA Annual Safety Conference. For more information, please go to http://esors.ebaa.org. If you are interested in joining the E-SORS community, go to the “Access to Safety Data Repository”.

Occurrence Reporting in a harmonized way

E-SORS is based on ECCAIRS, the occurrence reporting platform developed by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre in Ispra (Italy) implementing safety data collection for EU Regulations. E-SORS enables Business Aviation professionals to adhere to regulatory requirements and fulfil EASA occurrence reporting requirements. The system includes a user-friendly interface for data entry and query, reducing the workload for managers and safety personnel and has the capability to transform large amounts of safety data into useful information that can support decision making. The E-SORS system categorizes aircraft accident and incident occurrences using the CAST/ICAO taxonomy, allowing safety trends analysis in all categories.