First H145 FFS certified in Germany


SAFETY / EUROPE | 19/09/2017

The world’s first H145 full flight simulator (FFS) at the Airbus Helicopters Training Academy in Donauwörth, Germany has been awarded level D status by the German Federal Aviation Office – the highest possible certification for a full flight simulator.

According to a company statement, through the approval more training hours accumulated by pilots in the full flight simulator are now authorized to be logged as actual flight hours.

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The simulator is suitable for pilots’ initial training and refresher courses, for specific instruction on emergency procedures, for flights according to Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), in offshore conditions and at night (with night vision goggles), as well as for Cat. A operations. Additonally, it offers a wide range of training opportunities, in particular for missions under extreme flight conditions and for practising various emergency procedures.


The simulator was also certified to EASA Level D, which required meeting several criteria, including the ability to move in six directions, to provide a field of view of at least 180°, to work with realistic acoustic and visual simulations, and to perform several special motion effects.