Good times for ExecuJet during WEF


AIRPORTS / EUROPE | 24/01/2017

Last week’s World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, between 17-20 January resulted in high levels of business aviation activity in the surrounding area.

With facilities at Munich International (MUC) in Germany and Zürich/Kloten (ZRH) in Switzerland, ExecuJet handled close to 300 business aircraft during the event. The company’s Zürich hangar was fully booked for the entire period, complemented by its Munich FBO, located 140 nm from Zürich.

“We had 21 staff working at peak times covering the FBO and hangar facilities, we handled six heads of state flights […] and provided 300,000 litres of fuel,” comments ExecuJet Zürich FBO Manager Basil Gamper. “Our additional services at Munich were extremely successful and much-needed given the Zürich hangar was completely full – the hangar was a welcome cover in the freezing weather conditions.

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“Since 2003, when ExecuJet’s Zürich FBO opened for business, we have grown in our reach, capacity and services available for WEF. Our clients fly in from all over Europe as well as Africa, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and the Americas on a wide range of aircraft,” Gamper adds.

ExecuJet’s Zürich facilities include short and long-term aircraft parking, aircraft handling, transfers, fuel, catering and towing services, in addition to its outstanding FBO and maintenance services.