Kickapoo Airport goes for EPIC change



Kickapoo Downtown (KIP) located close to Wichita Falls, TX, has selected EPIC Fuels as its new fuel supplier.

Serving the general aviation needs of its surrounding region, the Airport made the decision after an extensive review of several fuel suppliers.

The aircraft currently houses and maintains approximately 80 aircraft, including small jets and helicopters on a permanent basis. KIP is located minutes away from downtown businesses, area restaurants and shopping.

According to an EPIC Fuels statement, the area surrounding Kickapoo Airport and nearby Sheppard Air Force Base is host to a great variety of aviation activities. Numerous airline, other civil aviation and military training flights take place at the Air Force base, Kickapoo Airport and the surrounding area.

In addition to choosing EPIC as its fuel supplier, the airport will accept the EPIC Card for fuel and ancillary flight-related purchases.

The airport offers a host of services for general and business aviation including aircraft towing, aircraft parking (ramp or tiedown), hangars, GPU, full service fueling, aircraft rentals, catering and courtesy cars. Free Wi-Fi is available and the facilities include a passenger terminal, pilot’s lounge and flight planning room.