Luxaviation Helicopters takes off


The Luxaviation Group has launched Luxaviation Helictopers, a VIP helicopter management company. Due to the Group’s worldwide operations network, the helicopter division already boasts several key locations at its launch, including in Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Caribbean, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East.

According to a company statement, “Luxaviation Helicopters will specialise in helicopter management, delivering services to helicopter owners including crew provision, training, maintenance coordination, charter services, sales and acquisitions.” EASA approval for the helicopter operator is expected by spring 2017, allowing the company to operate charter flights to offshore yachts and cruise liners.

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Leading the company as CEO is former Luxaviation Group COO Charlotte Pederson. Pedersen’s career spans almost 30 years in aviation, including 17 years of military helicopter pilot experience as an Officer in the Danish Royal Air Force. “Helicopter management is a natural complement to the services which the Luxaviation Group already provides and we see significant potential in this area,” she comments. “Across the Group, we already have the global experience and capabilities to support the needs of our VIP clients who own helicopters and wish to operate them worldwide. If a client wishes to use their helicopter in the Caribbean one week and in Bali the next, we can make that happen.”

Luxaviation Helicopters will manage all helicopter activity within the Group, and according to industry safety, security and quality standards. The business will continue to expand worldwide via organic growth, company acquisitions and joint venture agreements with existing helicopter companies whose safety and quality standards meet the Group’s requirements.