M600 to tour Africa


Piper Aircraft and its regional sales representative for Africa, National Airways Corporation (NAC), plan to organize an exhibtion tour for the company’s flagship aircraft, the M600, in Africa.

According to a company statement, the tour will occur throughout the entire month of July, with various stops across the African continent. The aircraft will make stops in several key countries, starting in the West coast and continuing through Nigeria, Angola and Namibia to South Africa for a couple of days of performing demonstrations, after which it will travel north along the East coast, through Malawi, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Egypt. This will be the first time that an M600 aircraft is on display in Africa.

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“Africa is a key region for Piper Aircraft,” sayys Piper International Direct Sales VP Drew McEwen. “The arrival of the M600 shows Piper and NAC’s commitment to providing modern turboprop, cabin class aircraft with industry leading safety features to this region. The aircraft’s performance and market leading value proposition is perfectly suited to the Sub Saharan market.”

“NAC has been successfully representing Piper in our territory for the past seven years and we are thrilled to be able to bring the latest Piper model to our customers in Africa,” adds NAC Aircraft Executive Director JP Fourie. “This aircraft is perfectly suited for the conditions in our region.”