PC-12 NG approved for commercial ops in Europe


OEMs & BROKERAGE / EUROPE | 03/04/2017

Following a decision by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) on March 1, single-engine turbine aircraft have been approved for commercial operations.

The approval allows single-engine turbine aircraft to operate at night, and under instrument flight rules, across all 32 EASA member states under the new Commercial Air Transport Single-Engine Turbine in Instrument Metrological Conditions (CAT SET-IMC). The approval also applies to the Pilatus PC-12 NG.


“CAT SET-IMC will make it possible to develop new routes in Europe,” explains Pilatus General Aviation VP Ignaz Gretner. “The decision by EASA provides an incentive for aircraft operators in Europe to replace older aircraft with new, safer, more environmentally friendly single-engine turbine aircraft such as the PC-12. With its short take-off and landing capacities, the PC-12 will also fly closer to the desired destination. We are confident that we will soon see a large number of additional PC-12s providing good service in Europe.”

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The PC-12 NG has a 1,845 nm-range that is sufficient to cover all of Europe, plus lower operating and maintenance costs compared to twin-engine aircraft. According to a Pilatus statement, the aircraft’s approval will open up interesting new perspectives for commercial operators in Europe. The worldwide fleet of nearly 1,500 PC-12s has now completed over 6 million hours in the air.