The perks of flying private


Picture this: Your commercial international flight departs at 7:00 p.m. from Miami International. You need to arrive at the airport three hours prior, so good luck with the traffic. Once you manage to get there, you still need to pass through the long check-in lines. And even when all that process is completed, you are still roughly one hour away from departing. Way too much time…

And time is the one undisputed variable that propels private flight over commercial on any given day. Sure, you can be comfortable on a first class flight and enjoy good food, but you still need to go through that previous grueling process. Even if you haven’t flown private before, you get the sense that comfort, efficiency and luxury are the main advantages. Although you might be right, time is what justifies the price – and here’s why.

Private flight adapts to you. You don’t have to depart from busy airports and instead you can arrange your flight to takeoff from a smaller general aviation airport. But even if you don’t have the option to avoid a larger airport, you would still be avoiding the chaos of a commercial terminal by departing from a fixed-base operator (FBO), a place that allows you to be at all time with your belongings. Oh, and there are no security lines either, although the captain has the right to search the passenger’s bags.

Onboard experience

They call it private for a reason. In an NBAA survey that compared the productivity levels on private aircraft versus in the office, respondents rated themselves as 20% more productive while on a private jet than in the actual office. Their counterparts flying commercial stated a 40% drop in productivity. Furthermore, in a private flight your conversations remain confidential – after all, you just never know who might be around.

Flying private is also swifter and smoother. Private jets are usually faster and climb quicker than commercial planes, avoiding shaky weather in less time. Private jets also have more direct routes than commercial aircraft. If there is enough fuel capacity you will go directly to your destination without competing with bigger planes for space, flying above the traffic. And when you get there, your luggage goes straight into your car with no time spent at baggage claim.

In essence, private flight creates comforts that you won’t get on a commercial plane, but more importantly, it’s about how much time and money you can save.

Private jet checklist. Why fly private?

  1. You manage your time and will not have to depend on the rigid commercial airline flight schedule.
  2. You determine the departure and arrival location and time.
  3. You will determine with whom you will be travelling, with no imposed passengers as on a commercial flight.
  4. You choose the inflight service.
  5. The comfort of a private flight really allows you to rest or work.
  6. You can fly to cities or areas that do not have commercial flight connections.
  7. The plane waits for you and not the other way around.

Written by Felipe Reisch, PR Manager, Monarch Air Group.