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PrivateFly ARGUS Broker

OEMs & BROKERAGE / EUROPE | 24/05/2016

Online business aviation services provider PrivateFly has earned the ARGUS certified Charter Broker rating. Announced at EBACE 2016, the rating makes the UK-headquartered company the first in the UK and only the second in Europe to earn this distinction.

“PrivateFly has proven itself as an exceptional brokerage based on sound business principles and a very well-trained and experienced staff,” comments ARGUS International President & CEO Joe Moeggenberg. “PrivateFly’s recent certification is yet another step toward raising the standard within the charter broker industry to provide operators and consumers with charter brokers they can trust, and that are truly dedicated to providing cost-effective, secure air transportation.”

“For years, the charter broker has been a key part of the supply chain that was not audited, so it’s great to be a trailblazer in that change,” adds PrivateFly CEO Adam Twidell. “The scrutiny of the audit was something we really welcomed and enjoyed. Operators are highly-regulated, and FBOs now have the new IS-BAH standard. Now, professional brokers can stand out from their field with the new ARGUS Certified Broker status.”

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PrivateFly recently released a report on the average private jet customer, as registered in Q1-2016. Contrary to the more traditional image of the slightly older, male private jet traveler, the report reveals that the average age of its private flyer is 41 years, and more than one third (37%) of all travelers are women.

More importantly, the company discovered that customers don’t (like to) wait when it comes to booking- let alone flying. Close to one third of all bookings actually took off within 24 hours, and 43% flew within three days, underscoring the meaning of “on-demand travel.”

“The demographic of today’s private jet user is changing,” explains Twidell: “Many of our customers are young entrepreneurs, and these are executives who want to fly when and where on their terms with optimal flexibility. When you’re time poor and at the top of your game, speed matters. So an increasing number of our customers want to book and fly in very short lead times.”

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According to Twidell, private aviation has been a closed world for too long, with assumptions and preconceptions making the headlines rather than real data-driven customer insights. “It’s exciting to be leading this step forward in industry transparency,” he concludes. “The first edition of our report uses data from the first quarter of 2016. We will be building a comparative picture in future editions to review seasonal differences and build a picture of changing trends.”

PrivateFly Private Jet Charter Trends Q1 2016

Read the full report here: PrivateFly Private Jet Charter Trends Q1 2016