Record number of Kodiaks in 2016


Quest delivered “a record” 36 Kodiaks in 2016, including its 200th aircraft, of which the delivery occurred in December. According to a company-issued statement, “deliveries have risen steadily since 2012, as worldwide demand for the Kodiak has grown.”

“2016 was Quest’s strongest year to-date,” comments recently appointed CEO Rob Wells. “The company saw increased production levels and deliveries. In addition, the increasing demand for Kodiaks required a 25% expansion of the production facility, a project that was completed in September. This essential investment will allow us to efficiently support production growth in the coming years.”

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The 200th 10-place single engine Kodiak was delivered to SKY TREK, a membership-based private travel service that signed a large fleet order with Quest in November. Other significant milestones in 2016 include the completion of a 5,000 sq ft research and development facility. Quest also received several additional certifications for the Kodiak, bringing the total to 33 countries at year end.