Stratos VLJ takes flight


On November 21, the Stratos 714 Very Light Jet (VLJ) took to the sky for its inaugural flight. With Dave Morss at the controls, the four-seat, personal jet aircraft was launched for a 10-minute flight to verify general stability and systems operation. This flight’s maximum speed was limited to 128 kts at an altitude of 3,700ft AGL with the flaps at 24° and the gear extended for the duration.

“After years of development, the first flight was a very exciting event for the whole team,” says Stratos Aircraft CEO Michael Lemaire. “We invested the time and effort in the initial design and construction phases to assure that this proof of concept aircraft would ease the path to certification. After flight testing is complete, we will pursue a type certificate. We could shave off a considerable amount of certification time and start producing finished aircraft with additional investment, of course.”

Stratos will continue with a vigorous flight test program to explore the aircraft’s flight envelope with expectations of achieving a cruise speed of more than 400 kts and a range of 1,500 nm. The company is planning to introduce the jet at EEA’s AirVenture 2017.