TBM rep added in Russia

Daher-Socata TBM 930

FINANCE / RUSSIA | 05/10/2016

Daher-Socata recently added yet another aircraft sales representative to its network, through the addition of Russian general and business aviation services provider Simavia.

Operating from its Krasnodar headquarters (in the Kuban region near the Black Sea) and from an additional base at St. Petersburg, Simavia has four main activities: aircraft sales, maintenance services, aviation training and VIP charter.

“This partnership comes at a time when the need for on-demand transportation in the world’s largest country continues to develop – especially from remote community airports, where operators will benefit from the TBM’s speed, economical operating costs, and the ability to serve smaller runways,” comments Daher Airplane Business Unit Senior Vice President  Nicolas Chabbert.

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“In helping develop Russian general aviation and business aviation, our strategy is to cover all aspects of such operationsn,” adds Simavia CEO Simon Mnoyan. “We spare no effort in promoting the culture of personal aircraft within Russia, and the TBM is fully aligned with this strategy.”